EUGLOH Rush Game tájékoztató

Live Q&A in Szeged with Last Year's EUGLOH Rush Game Winning Team Representative

Representing last year's EUGLOH Rush Game winning team, Jose Anibal Amaya Pinzon arrives to Szeged.

Don’t miss out the opportunity to meet him on 4th of November at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (Szeged, Kálvária sgt. 1.) between 11.00 am and 13:00PM for a Q&A about his experiences and info session on the upcoming Rush Game.

How did his team win? What to expect in the competition and how can a team prepare for similar contest? These and more questions will be answered by Pinzon. The upcoming online Pharmaceutical Marketing Rush Game will take place on 12-14 December 2022, hosted by Université Paris-Saclay. To learn more about the registration conditions, previous editions and perquisites, please visit this website.

Registration is open until 08 December 2022.

About the Pharmaceutical Marketing Rush Game:
EUGLOH Alliance students compete in teams to manage the marketing strategy of a virtual pharmaceutical company. The winning team earns a trip to Paris or to other universities of team members.

Undergraduate 3rd year, Master and PhD Students from all faculties of University of Szeged are invited to join this serious game on Pharmaceutical Marketing. The game is an online management simulation, focused on marketing strategy. It helps participants to develop their understanding and command of the whole marketing decision-making process for health products and drugs, from strategy design to sales execution.

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