GTK Talent Scholarship 2023

SZTE GTK Scholarship

The Faculty's own scholarship program is designed to support the study of self-paying students.

Details of Applications:

Applications has to be submitted via Modulo at Modulo/GTK TO/Faculty Scholarship Application. The Invitation to Applications is announced for one semester. The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the University of Szeged (hereinafter referred to as ‘SZTE GTK’) wishes to pay a contribution to the tuition fees payable by students admitted as fee-paying students to the Faculty.

To achieve this objective, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration offers students in receipt of the scholarship 50% exemption from their tuition fees payable for the Spring semester of Academic Year 2022/2023.

Applications can be submitted by full-time, fee-paying students admitted to the Faculty’s Business Administration and Management undergraduate (BSc) and Tourism and Catering undergraduate (BSc) programmes in English.

Documents to be Submitted:

Application Form and Statements, Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter, All instruments, documents and publications the Applicant believes important to submit to win the scholarship.

For further information please write to

Deadline of Applications:

11.00 am of 10 February, 2023

The scholarship will be awarded to altogether 3 students studying in the Business Administration and Management and Tourism and Catering undergraduate (BSc) training programmes in English.

Deadline of the Evaluation of Applications:

13 February 2023

More details here.

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