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Institute of Business Studies

Head of the Institute

Dr. Balázs Révész
associate professor

Institute of Business Studies
Department of Marketing

Secretary of the Institute

Judit Dús
institute administrator

Melinda Molnárné Rómer
institute administrator

Both in the field of education and training, the Institute of Business Studies focuses on the disciplines of marketing and management. The Institute deals with numerous research topics simultaneously, all focusing on knowledge and information management, relationship marketing economic psychology and the measurement of public service performance and market research.

Besides the complex qualitative and quantitative methodology, lifestyle analyses are eminent among the longitudinal research programmes at the Institute. They analyze the structure of specific consumer segments’ consumption within the framework of a National Scientific Basic Research Programme and are supplemented by organisational culture research and the analysis of the quality perception of consumers and service providers.

A separate research team deals with the meaning of a system of relationships established with other actors significantly impacting the profitability of organisations. Actors are interested in the different relationships for various reasons: they perform joint co-operational activities, share risks, ensure or develop their market positions, strive for the exploitation of local advantages while sharing information, resources and knowledge with each other. The analyses explore the relationship motives that influence the performance of the organisation with the help of multi-dimensional statistic analysis.

During the past few years, e-business research modelling the economy of the information society has also been performed at the institute, the focus of which is the research of networks (mainly virtual organisations and informal human networks) and on the other hand, the extended interpretation of the operational model of collaborative filtering in virtual space. That procedure aims at locating the nearest “opinion neighbour” and the deduction of consumer preferences thereof with the utilisation of user interactions.

Besides these, tracing and market research analyses are also common at the Institute, which measure the performance of the institutional players of the public sector as well as public service providers through the dimension of customer/consumer satisfaction.

The Institute has a major role in organizing the Commerce and Marketing BA degree programme, the Business and Management BA degree programme, the Marketing MA degree programme as well as the Master of Business Administration (MBA) MA degree programme.

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