Department of Statistics and Demography

The Department of Statistics and Demography has 11 members with a broad range of interests. Areas of research are theory and methods, especially multivariate data analysis, multicollinearity and redundancy; demography, especially the demography of Hungarian minorities abroad; social statistics; business and economic statistics; statistics education. Our colleagues collaborate with other Institutes, partners, and the Hungarian Central Statistical Office in research projects.

Institute of Business Studies

Both in the field of education and training, the Institute of Business Studies focuses on the disciplines of marketing and management. The Institute deals with numerous research topics simultaneously, all focusing on knowledge and information management, relationship marketing economic psychology and the measurement of public service performance and market research.

Institute of Economics and Economic Development

The teaching and research profile of the Institute is determined by two specialised groups, namely the Theoretical Economics Specialised Group and the Regional Economic Development Specialised Group. The main research profile of the Institute is regional economics the subjects of which are widely covered by the competences of the employees at the Institute.

Institute of Finance and International Economic Relations

The Institute has a major role in organizing the Finances and Accounting BA degree programme (focusing on subjects of Corporate Finance, Banking, Security Markets, Public Finance and Accounting), the International Economy and Business MA degree programme (including courses such as International Economics, International Finance, International Strategic Management and Global Marketing) and the Economy and Public Policy MA degree programme

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