Institute of Economics and Economic Development

Head of the Institute

Dr. habil. Zsófia Boglárka Vas
Head of Institute, associate professor

Deputy Head of the Institute

Izabella Szakálné Dr. habil. Kanó
associate professor

Office hours: Wednesday: 13.00 – 14.00

Secretary of the Institute

Evelin Diszterhöft
institute administrator

The teaching and research profile of the Institute is determined by two departments, namely the Department of Theoretical Economics and the Department of Regional Economic Development. The main research profile of the Institute is regional economics the subjects of which are widely covered by the competences of the employees at the Institute.

The major strength of the Institute is the synergy resulting in a wide range of research which is in line with the EU’s policies for development. The Institute’ research activity focuses mainly on regional and urban economics, regional competitiveness, regional clusters, regional economic growth, regional economic and enterprise development, structural change in less developed European regions, measuring of regional inequalities, regional and urban aspects of emerging technologies, regional innovation systems, responsible innovation.

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