History of the Faculty

Faculty of Economics and Business ManagementFull-time training in economics providing an independent degree has been available since 1994 at the University of Szeged and following a successful accreditation procedure the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the University of Szeged was finally established in 1999.

The foundation for training in economics was created between the two World Wars with the Institute of Economics and Statistics established in 1939, the excellent educational and research activities of which were hallmarked by such names as Tivadar Surányi-Unger, Dezső Laky and Ferenc Kováts. The task of the institute and of the department group established later as its successor was to provide quality training in economics for university students. As of the 1990s, there had been a pressing demand for the establishment of a department of economics in Szeged. Preparations for the commencement of the department were accelerated by the fact that a university extension course in economics for graduates in law, natural sciences and technical studies started in February 1993. An interest, much larger than anticipated, meant that full-time training in economics could start in Szeged in 1994.

Faculty of Economics and Business ManagementIn 1995, the Department Group of Economics was established with seven separate departments and a joint one with the Faculty of Law and, on 1st July 1999, following a successful accreditation procedure, the Faculty of Economics of the József Attila University was established.

At the end of the 2006/2007 academic year, the faculty moved to a beautifully renovated building at 1 Kálvária Avenue providing a permanent home for the Faculty, which, besides professors’ and administrative offices, also houses computerised seminar rooms, lecture halls and student relations offices. Training is also provided in the Faculty’s Feketesas Street building.

The University of Szeged

The University of Szeged is one of Hungary’s most prestigious institutions of higher education and the most popular university in the countryside. In 2009, it was awarded the Quality Prize in Higher Education. The 12 faculties of our university offer 87 bachelor’s and 113 master’s degree courses, 33 higher-level vocational training courses, 42 postgraduate specialist training courses and 19 doctoral schools covering most fields of education. Thus the most talented students can stay at the university from the beginning of their bachelor’s course until obtaining their PhD degree. Within certain programmes, training courses in foreign languages are also on offer where students can study in English, German and in French. The University of Szeged has 30.000 students out of whom nearly 2.000 are foreigners. The university offers several scholarship opportunities to talented and hard-working students.

The intellectual potential accumulated at the University of Szeged and the research conducted here have made the institution become an important centre of Hungarian higher education and a crucial actor of innovation in Hungary. During the past ten years of its history, the integrated University of Szeged has obtained nearly 20 million Euros to support basic research, most of it through Hungarian and EU tenders. However, in response to the paradigm shift that started in the first half of the decade – namely the breakthrough of the “entrepreneurial university” concept – activities have increased in both applied research and development and the university has become an increasingly important partner for both industrial and business life.

The University of Szeged would not be one of Hungary's most attractive universities and an institution training versatile people were it not for the varied extracurricular activities organized for its students. Going to sports events and festivals, attending balls and spending nights at university club parties are all part of the legendary university life in Szeged as is attending lectures and laboratory classes. To help them feel and enjoy the support of the institution and to extend the joys of university community to all their lives, a constant relationship is kept up between the university and its former students through our Alma Mater organization.

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