Quality Improvement Policy

The University of Szeged, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (hereinafter the GTK) is committed to quality and its improvement, which includes the following areas.

Education: our aim is to provide high quality courses that meet the requirements of the domestic and international labour market, to produce professionals who have the right professional competences and who carry out their work ethically. We are committed to the continuous improvement of training programmes, the educational environment, teaching technology, the equipment, the pedagogical methods used, the skills of our colleagues and the education for global responsibility. To develop these, we collect and analyse the opinions of our students, former students, colleagues and labour market actors, and we examine the academic progress of our students.

Research: our aim is to conduct research activities that are recognised both nationally and internationally, to explore, analyse, compare and explain social and economic phenomena, to interpret the available scientific knowledge, to disseminate our research results to both academic and non-academic communities, to encourage the publication of national and international articles, to increase participation in research networks and to integrate the results into education. To this end, we are committed to the development of research infrastructure, tools, database access, the development of research competences, the support of research activities, the establishment and maintenance of cooperation with the faculties of SZTE, domestic and international research groups, social and economic organisations, the recognition of published research results, and the development of frameworks supporting the dissemination of results.

Talent management: we are committed to nurturing and supporting talent. Our aim is to encourage talented secondary school students, university students and ALUMNI members interested in economics in the Southern Great Plain region, to develop their fields of interest, to involve them in teaching, research, competitions and educational programmes, to recognise the talent management activities of faculty members, to strengthen their motivation and to increase their methodological knowledge. To this end, we develop our cooperation with secondary schools and teachers in the region, organise thematic workshops, summer camps, competitions for secondary school students, and participate in the development of young people’s financial literacy. We support faculty student organisations, develop the professional skills of our students, their access to our research infrastructure, their participation in professional events, competitions, tenders, scholarships, demonstrator and tutor programmes, and disseminate their results. We are committed to supporting and nurturing the future generation of economics lecturers and researchers, and to acting as a bridge between the economists of today and tomorrow.

Learning Support and Student Service Orientation: we are committed to providing high quality student services and learning support systems that support students’ academic life, preparedness and progress. To this end, in addition to the central university services, we operate a student support system, develop the related faculty background processes, administrative possibilities, and the professional skills and competences of administrative colleagues.

Orientation of relations: as the country’s and the region’s leading economic training centre, we strive for continuous, constructive cooperation with labour market actors, professional and social organisations, partner universities, university units and the ALUMNI community. We develop the content of our national and international cooperation in education, research activities, talent management and third mission activities.

Operation: we are committed to sustainable, transparent, orderly and equality- and diversity-oriented operations, accountability, involvement and empowerment of faculty citizens and stakeholders, organisational learning, information sharing and continuous improvement. We allocate financial resources to our development and improvement objectives.

To achieve these objectives, we operate a quality improvement system, which serves to continuously maintain and improve quality, and makes our colleagues committed to quality improvement.

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