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Night of Museums in Szeged

The biggest event of museums is the Night of Museums, which is organized again in Szeged as well. This year, different plays, concerts, new exhibitions and challenges await you.

The programs in different venues are as follows:

MÓRA FERENC MUSEUM (Stage before the museum)

18:30 – Folk dance exhibition – Dance Group of Szeged

19:30 – “The outcast planet” – Opening ceremony of Vilmos Aba-Novák’s (painter) memorial exhibition. Róbert Nátyi, art historian, introduces the gallery of REÖK and Kass Gallery.

20:00 – Hide and Seek – Sándor Weöres’s poems with music – Performers: István Csigér and István Trabalka

20:30 – Visual Exhibition Quiz – You can answer our questions by exploring all the exhibitions of our Museum.

21:00 – The monarchy’s fashion and survival until the present day – Performance of the fashion school in Szeged.

22:00 –The wonderful travels of the Little Prince – play Director: Ferenc Pataki, Choreographer: Flóra Zsadon

22:30 – The famous Hungarian “Szerelem az első vérig” film is 30 years old. Our guests are Beri Ary (Attila Berencsi), the protagonist and Péter Horváth, the screenplay writer.

23:00 – Midsummer’s Night fire jump by the Dance Group of Szeged

00:00 – Concert of the band Meszecsinka


Papermaking exhibition

Weaving and felting in the yurt of Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park

Talentum Foundation: Playful exercises about being a volunteer


Periodical exhibitions:

  Homecoming…1914-1918 – World War I. exhibition

 The Little Prince

Master details – János Márffy’s, graphic’s, exhibition

There is a free guided tour on the exhibitions.

BLACK HOUSE (Somogyi street 13.)

Sándor Weöres: The moving dictionary

Frigyes Karinthy: Reckoning of my talent

Interior: History of civil interior culture in Szeged

Guided tours are free in every exhibition.


21:00 – Hide and Seek - Sándor Weöres’s poems with music

21:30 – Concert of the band Hucklebery Guys

KASS GALERY (Vár street 7.)

Kass and the music

The outcast planet – Vilmos Aba-Novák’s exhibition.

Free guided tour provided.


Getting to know the archeology – Archaeological exhibitions and performances


Place of venue:

800 HUF/person,

2000 HUF/family (two parents and maximum three children under 18)

Early-bird sale: (Cash registry of Móra Museum)

700 HUF/person

1800 HUF/family (two parents and maximum three children under 18)

The tickets are valid for all four Móra venues/museums.


REÖK (Tisza Lajos circuit 56)

Opening hours: 18:00-01:00

Vilmos Aba-Novák’s exhibition – 400 HUF/person

XXXVIII. Summer Exhibition – Free of charge


17:30 - Dr. Elemér Szalma opens Dr. Zoltán Karancsi’s photo exhibition about landscape values

18:00-19:00 - Venues of World War used in tourism (Alps) lecture of Dr. Zoltán Karancsi

18:00-23:00 - Playful experiments in the biology exhibition

19:00-20:00 - Natural Sciences researches during the First World War – Lecture of Dr. Béla Viskolcz, Dr. Balázs Jójárt and Zoltánné Vass

18:00-23:00 - The nature’s physics – playful experiments (Dr. Katalin Soós and her students)

20:30-21:30 - “Bright Experiments”

22:00-23:00 - “Bright Experiments” in chemistry – (Lecture of Dr. Béla Viskolcz, Dr. Balázs Jójárt and Zoltánné Vass)


Adult: 350 HUF/person

Student: 250 HUF/person

SOMOGYI LIBRARY (Dóm square 1-4.)

18:00-22:00 – Children’s library: playful exercises connected to tales of light

18:00-24:00 – Exhibitions and guided tours:

Ground Floor:

Sándor Makkai and Sándor Reményik were born 125 years ago

The “Árpád a Testvériséghez” box is 145 years old

Győző Csongor was born 100 years ago (guided tour at 20:00 and 22:00)

First floor: Press history curiosities

The year of light – Light in art

Elvis – 80 – Woody

Third floor:

Literary works with stenography

Hungarian American photography

The life and death of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The most talented light writers of Szeged

Memorial Library:

Night book magic – Exhibition of book rarities (guided tours in every hour from 18:30)

Blood Donation from 18-21:00

The entrance is free of charge.

BELVÁROSI CINEMA (Vaszy Viktor square 3.)

20 June, 20:00 – Journey round my Skull – 1970, Hungarian technicolor film from Frigyes Karinthy’s novel, directed by György Révész. Starring: Zoltán Latinovits, Éva Ruttkai, Mari Törőcsik

Ticket: 600 HUF/person

20 June, 16:30 – Chaplin: Gold rush – 1925, Hungarian mono silent movie – Written, starred and directed by Charlie Chaplin – Free of charge

21 June, 16:30 – “Szerelem első vérig” Hungarian film – 1985


Opening hours: 16-23:00

Hungary’s first robot: “Ladybird of Szeged” – Dr. Dániel Muszka’s study in the IT History exhibition

The wonders of optics – Interactive exhibition in the Informatorium

Free games for children

18:00 – Light in the Egyptian Arts – slideshow, free of charge

21:00 – Family photo counting – ELI-SZTE-SZBK


Adult: 800 HUF/person

Student: 600 HUF/person

BOTANICAL GARDEN (Lövölde street 42.)

Opening hours: 20-24:00

Adventure tour at night


Adult: 700 HUF/person

Student: 450 HUF/person

Kindergarten student: 300 HUF/person


Opening hours: 19-24:00

“Our treasure, the Dóm of Szeged”

The Votive Church is opened for the public for free.

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