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Welcoming Events for Freshmen Students

The tradition of holding events for newly-admitted GTK students continued on for this year as well, where a series of programmes was organized for the freshmen to get to know Szeged and the university. With the organization of the mentor team, led by Dr. Ildikó Pusztai-Varga, Director of International Affairs, and Melinda Kovács, International Relations Coordinator, the Faculty was able to hold a variety of events for the international students.

At the end of the summer, the new mentor team was formed consisting of both international and Hungarian students. Each freshmen was assigned a mentor, who they could turn to if they had any questions regarding the enrollment process or university in general. As mentors had gone through the same or similar processes as them, they are able to help them navigate through the process of settling into the university life.

On September 8th, after the Orientation Day, the mentor team held a Campus Tour for the newly admitted GTK students, during which they showed them around the most important university buildings. The tour ended at the TIK library, after which the freshmen were invited for a casual “welcome chat” in a café.

On September 14th a team-building programme was held for the mentor team at the Alsóvárosi Tájház, where they got to try the traditional Hungarian practice of baking “kalács”, a type of Hungarian bread. The team had the opportunity to taste their delicious baked goods and get to know each other even better, building a strong mentor team.

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On September 22nd, the traditional treasure hunt game took place for the freshmen students, the aim of which was to show the students around Szeged while completing fun tasks and getting to know each other. The theme for this year was animal statues around Szeged. Different stations were scattered around the city, and the first-year students had to go through each one to collect points for their team to potentially win the game. At the end of the game, all of the teams met up at the Erzsébet Park in Újszeged, where they were all rewarded with some delicious pizza, and the winning team was crowned and awarded.

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On October 7th, the Freshmen Trip was organized, where the destination was Baja. The participants spent a whole day exploring the city and riverside, learning about the history and heritage of the region in the local museum. They also had the chance to ride on a nostalgia train in the nearby forest. The students were involved in a lottery where they could win small GTK gifts as well as other university themed prizes. The day gave the students the opportunity to socialize, get to know each other better, finally not only in classroom settings and learn about Hungary a bit more.

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Thanks to these events, the freshmen students were not only familiarized with Szeged and the university itself, but were able to get to know each other, make friends, and settle into their new environment to begin their studies as students of the Faculty of Business Administration and Management.
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