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ELI-ALPS látogatás

The students of the INEB master's program visited ELI-ALPS

The first- and second-semester students of the INEB master's program had the opportunity to visit the Szeged-based ELI-ALPS Laser Research Institute as part of the Modern Management & Marketing course.

The ELI ALPS - Attosecond Light Pulse Source - is a facility of Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) in Szeged. The other two ELI centres are located in the Czech Republic and Romania. These research institutes were established to make the equipment available to various user groups in the international scientific community. Another major element of the facilities' mission is to promote the scientific and technological development of high peak intensity and high average power lasers.


The visit had several goals, on the one hand, Dr. Eszter Megyeri, the instructor of the course, considers it important that the Hungarian and foreign students of SZTE GTK get to know a high-quality institution in Szeged. On the other hand, the students could also solve a project-type task connected with the visit. During their task, they had to imagine themselves in the shoes of the ELI management and define and measure the success parameters of the institution.

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Salma Al Bida, our student shared her perspectives: „ this unique opportunity allowed us to learn and study this institution from the inside. We discovered during this tour the location of the most recent laser research and applications in several fields, including materials science, biomedicine, and environmental sciences. We were in the heart of the building where research takes place, and we learned how these research activities are conducted. Fortunately, the Center welcomes and attracts many science students and researchers by providing workshops, training courses, and other educational opportunities. The most striking thing that caught my attention was the building's design, which was designed to be free of vibrations and has elements that control temperature and humidity to ensure laser system stability. Overall, the visit was worth the effort, filled with new and unique information that cannot be obtained by reading about the Center alone."


The occasion allowed for our colleagues Magdolna Laurinyecz, Gabriella Maczkó, and our accompanying instructors, Gabriella Tabajdi and Dr. Eszter Megyeri, to enrich themselves with new experiences together with the students. The visit was organized with the help of Vera Horváth, scientific secretary of ELI-ALPS, and Masa Barbara, employee of SZTE GTK Career Office. Zoltán Gyarmati, project manager of ELI ALPS, presented the institution in two groups. We thank you for the help and support!

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