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Prezilimpia 2023 országos döntő

SZTE Prezilimpia 2023 National Final

The SZTE Prezilimpia 2023 presentation competition was organized in the spring semester by the SZTE Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, the SZTE Junior Academy and the Ezabeszéd Toastmasters Rhetoric Club in Szeged, in cooperation with Philip Morris Hungary.

The national finals were preceded by faculty rounds at the University of Szeged, while students from other universities were invited to participate in an on-line selection process. Competitors had to give a presentation of a minimum of 6, maximum 8 minutes on the topic "Conscious Consumption - Harm Reduction - Sustainability". Mentors helped them prepare individually for the final.
The National Final was held on 10 May at the Informatorium of Albert Szent-Györgyi Agora. The finalists of the presentation competition also had the chance to try themselves at the "Presentation Karaoke" competition. In the classic presentation competition, 10 students won the right to compete, focusing on their public speaking skills after meticulous preparation, while in the karaoke competition they had to prove their improvisation skills. Both competitions were in Hungarian and English.

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The jury of the national final:

- András Sváby, television editor and reporter
- Dr. Attila Badó, head of the SZTE Junior Academy, university professor
- Tamás Vizi, from Philip Morris Hungary

Winners of the Presentation Competition:

- 1st place: Bence Gyula Nagy - SZTE SZAOK
- 2nd place: Tariq Shehroz - SZTE GTK
- 3rd place: Kincső Kovács SZTE TTIK

Presentation karaoke winners:
- 1st place: Zsófia Ilona Piszman - SZTE GYTK
- 2nd place: Bence Gyula Nagy - SZTE SZAOK
- 3rd place: Kincső Kovács - SZTE TTIK

SZTE Junior Academy Special Prize Winners:

- Gergely Kardos - SZTE JGYPK
- Ádám Toldi - SZTE ÁJTK
- Róbert György Békési - SZTE MK

Other finalists:
- Bertalan Pusztai - ELTE
- Boglárka Széll - SZTE BTK
- Bianka Tóth - BGE

Congratulations to the winners and all the participants, we wish them further success!

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