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EIB Summer School


27 June- 07 July 2023, marked an immersive experience for three students of our faculty, Adam Rodic, Zsombor Szekely, and Khushi Nigam at the European Investment Bank (EIB). It was an honor to attend the EIB Summer School 2023 alongside more than 70 students from the leading European Universities.


This was an intensive program involving learning firsthand from the staff leading the legal, operations, financial, and global departments. Particularly, it dealt with the EIB's role in the financial markets against climate change, risk assessment and management in green investment projects, and strategies for the promotion of the EU Green Deal. The seminars involved case studies from the Financial Directorate regarding the operations and loan pricing. The final evaluation dealt with research on the EIB business cycle.


We were also provided the opportunity to interact with professionals from the European Court of Justice, the Court of Auditors, and the European Stability Mechanism during our visit to their respective headquarters. Personally, this was an invaluable opportunity where we got to experience the relations of different EU institutions in their yet distinctive ways while pursuing the common goal of EU welfare and progress.


From the third person's perspective, it might seem like a challenge to consume all the experiences at once and contribute simultaneously. However, the reality was far more exciting rather than daunting, where as a cohort of students, we soon became tightly knit through our shared passions for learning and the EU institutions.


We would definitely recommend all students from our faculty to apply for the upcoming EIB Summer School. There are very few experiences like this where you can learn from the practical workings of the EU institutions with which we already hold an academic familiarity. You get to make friends from all over the world who would help to broaden your perspectives while unlearning some things. You never know what might end up inspiring/ interesting you the most. So do give it a try. As for Adam, he found his calling in the EIB itself as he joined the EIB Traineeship program this October.


Ultimately, none of this would have been possible without the constant support of our Faculty of Economics and Business Administration GTK. We particularly would like to thank Professor Beata Udvari and Yaw Timothy, who not only introduced us to this wonderful opportunity but also were a source of strong motivation. When given the much-needed push, all of us have the ability to shine and move forward… Thank you for being that pillar of support and believing in us.

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