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European Ethics Bowl vitaverseny

European Ethics Bowl international debate competition

On 19th April the Faculty organised the faculty round of the European Ethics Bowl (EEB), international debate competition, which was also the first national EEB competition and a qualifier for semifinals in Slovenia in autumn.

At the debate competition, five teams shared their thoughts on moral issues related to sports. The competition was divided into two debates, in the first round 3 teams competed, while in the second 2 teams competed and collected points from the jury. We would like to thank the members of the jury, Dr. Ildiko Pusztai-Varga, Dr. Benedek Nagy and Viktor Knezevics, for their work and tricky questions.

As a result of the close competition, the jury selected the Game Changers team to represent the Faculty and Hungary at the semi-finals in Slovenia. The members of the winning team are: Le Thi Thanh Mai, Syed Zohaib Baqar Raza and Dávid Köleséri, all BAM students.

Other competing teams were: Dilemma Defenders (Youssef Hoshan - BAM, Anishchenko Mariia and Al Bida Salma - INEB), they are the runner up team for the semi-finals in Slovenia; Three's Company (Gábor Mohácsi, Zsombor Székely and Xinji Tang – INEB); HIghfliers (Nnanna Harrison Ogudu, Wu Lihua and Benard Kiplimo Maswach – INEB); Logic Legends (Valentin Ridiger, Perez Kokoti and Victoria Uzoma Osaji – INEB).

By participating in the competition and preparing for it, the students were able to develop their skills in many areas, which will certainly benefit them in the future. Congratulations to all participants and good luck to Game Changers for the semi-finals in Slovenia!

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