2024. February 21., Wednesday

European Ethics Bowl felkészülés

European Ethics Bowl preparation - Cheer for the team in the semi finals!

In May of this year (2023), we held the local round of the European Ethics Bowl (EEB) international debate competition, where five teams debated "Ethics in Sport" to advance.

The Game Changer team won, its members are Le Thi Thanh Mai, Syed Zohaib Baqar Raza, and Dávid Köleséri, our BAM students. They are preparing for next weekend's semi-finals, which will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia. They are the first to represent our faculty in this renowned competition.

Judit Gébert and Luca Csák help in their preparation, they provide support in ethical topics and communication strategies.

The preparation is going in a good mood, and the team is promising. We hope that they will argue their way from Saturday's semi-final to Sunday's final. Cheer for the team on November 18 and 19.

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