erasmus students report

Erasmus students report from their time here

Three German exchange students stayed with us for 3 weeks. They wrote a report about this period, which you can read below.

"Hello everyone, we are Rhea, Joäna and Bita.

We are students from Germany, and are Part of the exchange program with Erasmus. We are staying here for three weeks and are currently working at the university of Szeged. Mainly, we are part of the German business communication classes, and also working together with the marketing Team of the University. We all chose the University as a working place because we were interested in the differences of the school system but also what is maybe the same as in Germany. Especially because Germany and Hungarian are connected in history. We are at the End of the three weeks and so far yet, we can definitely say that we enjoyed this experience. We had a very great time here and we were able to collect a lot of great memories and got to know the Hungarian culture. Also we had a great time with the teachers and students. They all gave us a great impression of Hungary and it’s kind people. A big thank you goes to Luca and Melinda, who looked after us as teachers throughout the trip and did a great organization. Also to the three loving mentors with whom we had a lot of fun. Many thanks also to Sandor Huszár and his team for a great insight into his company."

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