2024. February 21., Wednesday

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Another Q1-qualified article from our lecturers and a PhD student guided by them

We are pleased to announce that the article 'Urban Agglomeration and Income Inequality: Is Kuznets Hypothesis Valid for Sub Saharan Africa?' by Isaiah Maket, Izabella Szakálné Kanó and Zsófia Vas has been published in the prestigious international journal Social Indicators Research (springer.com). This journal is Q1 in the Social Sciences discipline of Scimago, with an H-index of 126.

The article is available here.

The study also contributes to the debate on the link between urban agglomeration and income inequality. Looking at sub-Saharan Africa, the main research question of the study was whether there is a significant relationship between urban agglomeration and income inequality. Estimation and research was carried out using a dynamic panel model, inverted U-shaped Kuznets hypothesis and balanced panel data, looking at 22 African countries. Results showed that with urban agglomeration, income inequality increases in the first stages of urbanization and decreases in the later stages of urbanization.

The publication of this article is significant because it shows that our PhD students, with the right guidance, can deliver an internationally outstanding performance, and it is not the first time recently that an article has appeared in such a highly respected journal with the contribution of our faculty, so this is a two-way success.

We congratulate the authors and wish them continued success!

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