IISMA Awardees

IISMA Awardees at the University of Szeged 2022 Fall Semester

The University of Szeged is proud to be one of the selected partner universities of the Indonesian government's scholarship of excellence programme called International Indonesian Student Mobility Award (IISMA 2022).

This Indonesian scholarship programme funds Indonesian students participating in mobility programmes at top universities overseas.

Undergraduate students have the possibility to spend up to one semester at the overseas partner institutions to study, experience the host country’s culture, and do practical assignments to hone their skills.

There was a huge competition during this year’s application process, as only 73 universities were selected as host institutions worldwide by the Indonesian Government. There are 439 awardees selected for the European region in 21 host universities (2 Hungarian institutions).

The Directorate for International Affairs and Public Relations of the University of Szeged is delighted with the result and hopes that the IISMA program will be just as successful as last year. In the fall semester of the Academic Year 2022-23, 46 Indonesian students can acquire professional and multicultural knowledge at the 7 Faculties and its programmes of the University of Szeged.

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration accepts 5 IISMA awardee students. They are able to choose from various courses including Marketing, Business Ethics, Business Communication, Project Management and Public Speaking Skills.
They will study together with Hungarian and international students of our English language Business Administration and Management BSc programme.

The aim of the scholarship programme is to provide 1,000 Indonesian students with multidisciplinary education in excellent higher education institutions.

“The international mobility promoted by IISMA will develop students’ cross-cultural awareness, tolerance and global citizenship, important values in creating a global sustainable future.” – Says Nadiem Anwar Makarim, Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia.

The programme also contributes to SZTE’s international recognition and mutual cooperation with Indonesian universities.

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