Title of Doctor of Hungarian Academy of Sciences_Beata Farkas

Dr Beáta Farkas, PhD, the professor of SZTE GTK successfully defended her MTA doctoral dissertation

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the University of Szeged proudly announces that Professor Beáta Farkas, PhD, submitted her dissertation in order to earn the title of Doctor of Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The thesis – entitled "Piacgazdaságok az Európai Unióban" [Market Economies in the European Union] – among others unfolds the following questions: the possibility of constructing a mutual frame to analyze the countries of the EU, the different types of market economic models identified in the EU, within these where the Central and Eastern European members belong, and their opportunity of growth based on the political establishments of the countries.


As the last step of the official academic process, on 23 September, the defense of her dissertation was held in the Headquarters of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, after which the evaluation committee recommended the Doctoral Council to confer the title of Doctor of Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The opponents of the thesis were academicians László Csaba and Péter Halmai, as well as professor István Benczes.


On behalf of the whole faculty, we would like to congratulate on the achievement and thank Professor Beáta Farkas for contributing to the reputation of the faculty with her success!

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