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Application for Teacher's Assistant Positions

In keeping with the Hungarian Higher Education Act, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Szeged (’GTK’) announces an application for teacher’s assistant positions for the first semester of the 2017/2018 academic year in order to involve the most competent applicants in the Faculty’s teaching work and prepare them for their professional career.

Applications must be submitted to the head of the relevant institute of the GTK

Conditions of the application:

Only active students of the GTK may apply (students of other faculties may only take part with the expressed support of the relevant institute). Applicants must be in the second or third year of their BA studies. All MA students may apply for the positions.

Applicants with professional experience outside the compulsory schoolwork have an advantage (e.g. taking part in any professionally relevant research or publication that can be certified by the paper itself or the supervisor).

Applications for the teacher’s assistant positions need to be supported by a written recommendation by the teacher of the relevant subject who will later integrate the assistant into teaching and research work.

The performance of teacher’s assistants will be evaluated by the head of the relevant institute using the following categories:

  • the assistant accomplished his/her tasks excellently,
  • the assistant accomplished his/her tasks well,
  • the assistant accomplished his/her tasks,
  • the assistant did not accomplish his/her tasks.

The received evaluation will be registered on the ETR.

Teacher’s assistants will receive 10,000 HUF worth of electronic vouchers for their efforts at the beginning of the following semester that can be redeemed in the University’s bookstore.


Deadline for Submitting Applications
11th September 2017 (Monday) 12:00 am

Szeged, 28 August 2017

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