Ulysses Contest – Digital Student Competition on Family Business

2021.06.30. - 2023.06.29.

What is the aim of Ulysses

'Ulysses Contest – Digital Student Competition on Family Business', a.k.a. Ulysses aims at making sure that university students get to know the special circumstances and challenges of running a family firm. At the same time, the contest is designed to improve the problem solving skills of students, while developing their digital competences.

University student teams are looking into the real-life problems of Austrian, Italian and Hungarian family firms, finding possible solutions to the challenges, while deepening the knowledge students acquired during their university studies.

What results do we expect from Ulysses?

  • The Case study collection methodology (1) determines how good practices for family firm competitions should be collected in the most effective way.
  • Based on this, the Family firms case study compilation (2) collects good practices for family firm case studies.
  • The Student case study competition & Roadmap formation (3) estabilshes a completely new competition tailored to the needs of the target audience. The competition is internationally open for HEI students.


Members from the Faculty


The University of Szeged, specifically colleagues from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration take part in the Erasmus+ project, called Ulysses Contest. Together with an international consortium they are developing a digital case study student competition on family businesses.

Have you heard a lot about entrepreneurship competencies? Now you can put your knowledge into practice!

Interested in family businesses, the challenges they face and the possible solutions to these challenges? The Ulysses Contest is an online Family Firm case study competition for university students, just like you!

Ulysses Contest is a complex case study team competition which is based on the solution of case studies compiled about family firms specifically targeted under the framework of the project. A complex collection of case studies presents the practical problems of local family firms in a way that they could be solved by the entrepreneurship competences set out in the EntreComp Framework.

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