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Ulysses project

If you are a talented problem solver, then case study competitions are for you!

Have you heard a lot about entrepreneurship competencies? Now you can put your knowledge into practice!

We have already told you about the Ulysses Contest, in which university student teams are coming up with creative solutions to the problems of Austrian, Italian and Hungarian family businesses in 2023. If you feel that you would like to contribute to the success of a family business in managing a challenge, then follow the project on our official website and Facebook page!

Can't do it alone? No problem, we also believe in teamwork! Try yourself as a team player in an awesome case study competition! You can only win experience, friends, prizes, and recognition!

While there's still some time until the contest, we've brought you some tips to focus on:

  1. Understand the problem, gather data
  2. Get to know the market environment
  3. Identify possible solutions
  4. Choose the best option
  5. Create a business concept

If you're not sure it's for you, check out all the benefits it can give you:

  • gaining experience, you can try yourself and test how much you are like Wolf, the problem solver
  • building relationships, making new (Italian, German, Austrian) friends
  • expanding your knowledge, you will come across countless approaches that you can later use in your studies or even in your own business
  • grand final prizes, which even look great in your CV
  • +1 If you are also interested in a family businesses, you can benefit from the experience gained from real-life case studies.

As we mentioned before, we also believe in teamwork, which is why we are implementing this project in cooperation with the following partners:

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