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Dr. Szabolcs Prónay - CV

Dr. habil. Szabolcs Prónay
associate professor

Institute of Business Studies
Department of Marketing

Szabolcs Prónay was born in Hungary and graduated as economist at the University of Szeged. He received PhD degree in 2011 on the topic of brand symbolism and brand loyalty. He did his habilitation on the topic of consumer choice analysis. As a young scholar Szabolcs Prónay received the ‘Kürthy Pál award’ of the Hungarian Academy of Science, which is dedicated to talented young marketing researchers. His educational achievements were recognized with the “Best Young Lecturer of University of Szeged” award at 2020. Currently he works as an associate professor at the University of Szeged in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Szabolcs Prónay is the lecturer of several BA and MA marketing courses (including Consumer behaviour, Pricing and Branding). He teaches these courses both in Hungarian and in English.

His research activities explore the dimensions of symbolic consumption related to brand image–self image congruency. The results help to identify the sensitive relationship between self-identity and brand choice. Szabolcs Prónay is a regular presenter at international conferences, and the member of EMAC (European Marketing Academy). Aside from education and research Szabolcs Prónay is an active member of the Faculty and the community. He is the founding member of the largest marketing community in Szeged (SZTE Marketing Klub).

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