2024. February 21., Wednesday

Integration Club

Gender Policies and International Organizations – the cases of the EU and the UN

Gender equality and the empowerment of women are two of the main goals of modern societies according to the Sustainable Development plan of the United Nations. The main motto of the Integration Club session organized at the Faculty on 30th November was “Gender Policies and International Organizations – the cases of the EU and the UN”.

Teresa Domingo Segarra, a former member of the European Parliament presented statistical data on women employment rates in the EU and introduced a comparative analysis of summarized data within the framework of the last 10 years. The presenter consequently discussed the growth of employment tendencies among females after the 2008 crisis.

Andre Erdős, Hungary’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations brought a new topic into the discussion by highlighting the dates women attained voting rights in different countries.

As a closing gesture of the event participants were invited to an open table discussion and had a chance to approach the experts with their questions and suggestions on how to increase awareness regarding the introduced issues.

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