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The first scholarship for an English BA training program student

The first scholarship for an English BA training program student

On the 20th of February, the first scholarship was awarded to one of our international students.

The scholarship award ceremony of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration was held on 20 February, Friday. It was the 6th occasion to reward the best students of the faculty. Currently, 103 students are studying with a scholarship and 19 companies are supporting them.

On this occasion we had the chance to make an interview with the first international student who received the scholarship offered by the Faculty to the most talented students. Rufai Timon Maisamari has been studying in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration for 2 years; he started his studies in the first year of the English BA training program launched in September 2013.

He says he has chosen this university, because the city is so likeable and quiet, but the student life is fascinating. Furthermore, he thinks that this is one of the best training programs in Hungarian higher-education: the teachers are very helpful and the students get many feedbacks, which is as important for foreign students as it is for Hungarians.

When we ask whether it was easy for him to fulfil the requirements to get good marks and become eligible for this scholarship he replies that nothing is easy: if somebody wants to reach the best weighted mean, he or she has to work really hard. Besides, there was a huge competition in his class to reach the best marks; it was a great motivation for all the students to study more to achieve it.

All in all, from the 9 second year students Rufai was the first to receive his scholarship in the Main Hall of the Faculty on Friday afternoon. Congratulation for this achievement and we wish Rufai all the best.

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