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National Conference of Scientific Students Associations

Students from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Szeged attended a National Conference of Scientific Students Associations on 10-11 April, 2015.

This conference is organized every second year, recently in 16 sections, with the support of the Ministry of Education and the Hungarian Academy of Science. In the Economics Section of the national contest 20 papers took part from GTK, from which 15 were awarded:

First Prize:
7 papers
Second Prize:
3 papers
Third Prize:
3 papers
Special Award:
2 papers

First Prize:

  1. Tamás Honti and Gréta Kerekes: Examination of factors affecting the voting attitude of young adults, particularly with regard to political marketing (Supervisor: Dr. Szabolcs Prónay)
  2. Judit Juhász: The Local Emergence of Poverty Management Aspects in light of the Capability Approach: Case Study of the Residential Area for the Disadvantaged in Szeged (Supervisor: Dr. György Málovics)
  3. Anita Kéri: The study of foreign students' motivation about learning in Hungary (Supervisor: Dr. Erzsébet Hetesi)
  4. Eszter Kovács: Financial Literacy among the Young: Financial Awareness or Financial Ignorance? (Supervisor: Dr. Andreász Kosztopulosz)
  5. Ivett Medovarszky: Questions of applicability of environmental management accounting in the area of cattle-breeding, especially in cost accounting (Supervisor: Dr. Hajnalka Ván)
  6. Máté Repisky: Entrepreneurial personal traits and attitudes towards entrepreneurs from the perspective of three groups (Supervisor: Gergely Farkas)
  7. Tamás Schuszter: How cells react on systemic shocks? Diagnostics of European currency markets in the light of collective behavior (Supervisor: Dr. Gábor Dávid Kiss)

Second Prize:

  1. Szandra Fiedler: Incubation opportunities in Szeged (Supervisor: Dr. Szabolcs Imreh)
  2. Boglárka Méreiné Berki: A multidisciplinary interpretation of the limitations of self-supplying farming from the perspective of rural extreme poverty (Supervisor: Dr. György Málovics)
  3. Nándor Gombos and Zsolt Rádóczi: Energy industry: can he always make do? The recent year’s effects in the financial statements of the energy trading companies (Supervisor: Dr. Hajnalka Ván)

Third Prize:

  1. Sándor Juhász: Knowledge network analysis and cluster development (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Imre Lengyel)
  2. Gabriella Molnár and Bence Zuti: The Measuring of the Economic Impact of Universities (Supervisors: Dr. Miklós Lukovics, Dr. Balázs Kotosz)
  3. Dalma Vincze: Generation Z and the mobile phone (Supervisor: Dr. Erzsébet Hetesi)

Special Award:

  1. Orsolya Polyák: XXI. century revolution of corporate funding: the crowdfunding (Supervisor: Dr. Andreász Kosztopulosz)
  2. Renáta Laczi: The human aspects of competitiveness in the European Union (Supervisor: Dr. Anita Pelle)

Other participants of GTK team:

  • János Gyurkovics: The role of universities and science parks in local economic development: Opportunities of Szeged (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Imre Lengyel)
  • Péter Kókai and Andor Máté: Historical parallels tuned to crises: the Hungarian banking system and the flow of foreign capital (Supervisor: Dr. György Kovács)
  • Viktor József Kónya: Constants and variables: Comparative analysis of business models in the interactive entertainment industry (Supervisor: Dr. Eszter Megyeri)
  • Dalma Pető: Analysis of the wine selection habits of the young generation (Supervisor: Dr. Szabolcs Prónay)
  • Julianna Pontet: All or nothing? Budget support in fragile states (Supervisor: Beáta Udvari)

We would like to thank all the students and supervisors for their support and professional work.

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