EcoCamp 4.0

This is the 4th year when a one week long summer camp for high-school students has been held in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

The so called EcoCamp summer camp is a great occasion for high-school students to spend a whole week in the city of Szeged. During the event, they have an opportunity to get acquainted with economic and financial issues, to deal with marketing problems, and to come up with creative solutions. The aim of the camp is to raise the level of financial awareness of the youth in Hungary, also to show them how economy works.

This year the camp was held between 13th and 18thJuly. In the mornings, professional lecturers held presentations and gave the participants tasks to execute. During the afternoons, different outdoor and indoor activities – e.g. bowling, competitions – made the program more colourful.At the end of the week the students could claim proudly: ‘I have taken part in the EcoCamp!’


EcoCamp 4.0 kedd

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