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Come and Study at the University of Szeged

Come and Study at the University of Szeged with Stipendium Hungaricum Schoolarship Programme. Don't miss this unique opportunity. Application deadline: 30 April 2015.

The aim of the Stipendium Hungaricum Schoolarship Programme is to promote cultural understanding, economic and political relations between Hungary and other countries.

Full time studies:

  • BA/BSc (undergraduate 3 years)
  • MA/MSc (graduate 2 years)
  • PhD studies (doctoral 3 years)

Financial provisions relevant for every full-time scholarship holder for academic year 2015/2016:

  • no tuition fee
  • monthly stipend: HUF 40 460 (EUR 130) per month in the case of BA/BSc, MA/MSc programs, and HUF 100 000 (EUR 325) per month for PhD students
  • dormitory places or additional contribution to accommodation costs: HUF 30 000 (EUR 100)
  • medical insurance

For more information please visit: http://stipendiumhungaricum.hu/


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