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CIB Ecodemia: Local enterprises and the ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure) in Szeged

On 9th July, Dr Zsófia Vas, Dr Miklós Lukovics, and Dr Szabolcs Imreh held a lecture onthe cutting edge laser research centre.

This is the third year when the Ecodemia Summer Program has been held in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in Szeged. On 29th June, János Martonyi, former Minister of Foreign Affairs delivered his lecture; on 1st July, as the second lecturer, Dr Péter Kovács, Deputy Dean of the Faculty shared his views on issues of financial culture; on 8thJuly, Dr Erzsébet Hetesi, Head of Instituteof Business Studies and Dr Márton Vilmányi, Dean of the Faculty gave a presentation. The final event of the programme series was held by Dr Zsófia Vas, Dr Miklós Lukovics, and Dr Szabolcs Imrehon 9thJuly. The lecture focused on the economic effects of the Extreme Light Infrastructure – ELI on local enterprises in Szeged.

First, Dr Zsófia Vas described the features of regional economic environment. While the region of the Southern Great Plain in Hungary is an undeveloped region within the European Union, it has a serious potential for innovation. The level of employment and income is expected to rise thanks to the ELI, as it is concludedin the research of Dr Miklós Lukovics and Dr Szabolcs Imreh.The lecturers highlighted that these are only the first steps; it will be a long journey to reach each and every goal. The most important effort they have to take is to inform the citizens and entrepreneurs about the opportunities of this new investment.

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