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Celebrating Indonesian culture

In a delightful fusion of cultures, the Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA) at the University of Szeged recently hosted a vibrant event known as SZEDAP (Szeged’s Indonesian Eating Party).

Held on October 13, 2023, this celebration commemorated Batik Day, a festivity that honors Indonesia's rich cultural heritage. The term SZEDAP, derived from the Indonesian word "Sedap," which means tasteful and delightful, perfectly encapsulates the essence of this event.


Batik, a hallmark of Indonesian heritage, took center stage during this vibrant gathering. Renowned as Indonesia's national treasure, Batik holds a UNESCO recognition as one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The diverse archipelago of Indonesia, comprising over 17,000 islands, imbues Batik with a myriad of motifs, each laden with unique meanings and stories that echo the values and cultures of different regions.


The event commenced with the Indonesian national anthem echoing through the diverse assembly, setting the tone for an immersive cultural experience. Muhammad Azka Husani Lavail, a representative of the IISMA Students, Mr. Ifan Mahdiyat, Head of the Information, Social, and Cultural Section at the Indonesian Embassy in Budapest and Edit Tanács from the International Mobility Centre of the Rector’s Office graced the occasion with heartfelt greetings and insightful perspectives. All SZTE students and colleagues were invited to the event and at the end more than 140 students and colleagues gathered in the Aula of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration that hosted the event.

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The essence of Indonesian culture enveloped the audience through an enchanting musical performance featuring a violin medley of traditional Indonesian melodies. Additionally, the students took the opportunity to elucidate the significance of Batik by showcasing its diverse motifs and meanings. An interactive segment unfolded, enlightening participants about the art of wearing Batik and providing a presentation on its profound symbolism. This educational session aimed to familiarize everyone with the cultural depth woven into this exquisite fabric.


As the event unfolded, attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves further in Indonesian culture. The Batik photobooth, curated by the IISMA Students, allowed participants to don the vibrant Batik attire and capture the essence of Indonesian heritage in a single snapshot. Moreover, the flavors of authentic Indonesian cuisine filled the air. Prepared with care by the students hailing from different Indonesian islands, the dishes offered a sensory journey into the diverse culinary landscape of Indonesia.


SZEDAP epitomized a cultural celebration that transcended borders, fostering unity through the appreciation of Indonesia's rich heritage. It served as a bridge connecting people from various backgrounds, showcasing the beauty and diversity of Indonesian traditions and flavors.

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