Kick-off Meeting

Another Erasmus+ project at our Faculty

On 1 December 2022, the international project IDEC PBL started, with SZTE GTK as the lead partner.

The project is also joined by the Foundation for Africa as well as the Spain Stucom Centre d'Estudis and the French Iaelyon School of Management university. On 17-18 January, we hosted the partners in a kick-off meeting at Szeged, which was held in a very good atmosphere, the project was enriched with useful suggestions and ideas and the partners left with a positive opinion of our Faculty.

The aim of the 3 year-long collaboration is to improve the quality of education by integrating project-based learning as an active learning component. The project will result in the creation of an online simulation game (serious game) within the theme of international development cooperation aid, with a particular focus on Africa. Together with our partners, we will also develop new course descriptions and curricula that will allow the game to be integrated into university courses.



Title of the project

Studying international development cooperation with project-based learning

Project number


Implementation period

1 December 2022 – 31 May 2025

Aim of the project

IDEC PBL aims to improve the quality of education with integrating project-based learning in the field of international development cooperation. The project aims to build on the digital capacities of the students and react to the current megatrend of digitalization, thus the IDEC PBL partnership will create a digital and online available serious game in the field of international development cooperation, with a special focus on Africa.

Project results

The serious game provides the opportunity to improve learning and teaching practices in the partner organizations, and active learning elements and project-based learning will be but in the centre in courses in which international development cooperation is taught. The partners will create new course descriptions and curricula when integrating the IDEC serious game in their courses. We also contribute to the achievement of the 4th goal of the Sustainable Development Goals, especially target SDG4.7 about global education.

Total budget

400,000 EUR


University of Szeged (Hungary)


Universite Lyon 3 Jean Moulin (France)


Foundation for Africa (Hungary)

The project is financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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