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YETI – Young Entrepreneurial Teachers Initiative

The YETI (Young Entrepreneurial Teachers Initiative) Erasmus+ project has officially started. This project is part of an international Erasmus+ strategic partnership in which two faculties of the University of Szeged participate as partner institutions, namely the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

The YETI project is a professionally sound collaboration and a continuation of a successful project (PIETE – Partnership for Initial Entrepreneurship Teacher Education), in which the previously established inter-faculty research teams can continue their collaboration over a three-year project period (2020-2023).


The leading member of the international consortium of the YETI project is the Czech Technical University of Ostrava. Its project members include the University of Szeged, the German Univations GmbH - Institute for Knowledge & Technology Transfer at Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, the Polish University Bielsko-Biala, the Austrian Pedagogical University Tyrol, the Belgian Bantani Education, and the Dutch University Industry Interaction Network.


The aim of the project is to develop the entrepreneurship competences of students in teacher training. It is important to state that entrepreneurship competences are not the same as the ability to become an entrepreneur – according to the related EU directives, this capability is one of the 8 key competences that is the basis of Lifelong Learning. The YETI project is therefore aimed at including a key competence in teacher training which, unfortunately, is present only sporadically at the moment, mainly due to the misinterpretation of the concept.


The objectives of teacher training already include the development of entrepreneurship competences, but its methodology and real content are not yet well-developed in many countries. The YETI project benefits the University of Szeged primarily due to the effective support for entrepreneurship education in the field of teacher training. Through entrepreneurial-minded teachers, the entrepreneurship competences of the next generations of students also improves, which is considered a positive change for students attending the University of Szeged. As two different faculties are involved in the project, the interfaculty relationships will be further strengthened, not to mention the numerous opportunities behind international research teams and collaborations.


If you are interested in the YETI project, you can find more information about it here.

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