Hungaricum Stipendium Scholarship

Why the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship?

Thanks to the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship every international student has the chance to study at the University of Szeged for free. Since the application deadline is getting closer (15th of January, 2021) we interviewed two of our students who received the scholarship. Both Ahmed Abdullah Sulifan (from Yemen) and Asif Aziz Mehranvi (from Pakistan) study at the University of Szeged, at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

How does the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship help your studies?

This scholarship gave me the opportunity to achieve one of my dreams: studying in Europe. This is an amazing opportunity for me even more that I am studying in English and I am part of an international student community. The scholarship also gave me the opportunity to receive money every month in order to feed my needs such as the flat and the food. I had the opportunity to study in a field that I like and that will literally improve my professional opportunities. I am really glad to have the opportunity to be part of the students receiving this scholarship. (Ahmed)

What are the benefits of this scholarship?

First of all the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship gives you the chance to study free of charge at the most well-known universities in Hungary. Since Hungary is a part of the European Union all degrees or diplomas earned here will be reputable and globally recognized. Also, the country has a great location and a well-developed infrastructure, making it easy to travel around Europe. (Asif)

How easy is it to apply and win this scholarship?

After my research for scholarship and my choice for the University of Szeged, I applied online through the website of the University. The website is fully translated in English so it was easy to apply, everything was well indicated. After few months, I got a confirmation of the University and the next steps of the procedure. Everything could be done online which was perfect because I could arrive safely in Hungary before the lessons start. Regarding the other administration papers that we have to do in Hungary it was also easy because I was guided by my mentor and the University administration. (Ahmed)

Why did you choose Szeged?

When I was choosing which Hungarian institution to apply for, the University of Szeged became a personal favorite very quickly, beyond the more superficial details like the University campus and their extra ordinary beauty. I knew it would be a place where I would be challenged academically both inside and outside the lecture hall. Besides the education, I like this small University town “Szeged” because it has more of a community feel. The city being smaller allows the students to be closer and I like this University for the opportunities that are accessible to students. (Asif)

What are your experiences with Hungarian people and the Hungarian language?

During the first semester, I had the opportunity to pick up a class called Hungarian for beginners offered by the University of Szeged. This class helped me to learn the basics of the Hungarian language. Then, by living in Szeged, I can practice my Hungarian everyday while going to the shop or walking on the street. Even with a basic level of Hungarian it is easy to communicate with the locals because most of them also have a basic knowledge of English. Through those two languages and body language I can now communicate easily with Hungarians. The Hungarian locals are nice, it is easy to go to them and talk with them if we have anything to ask. The Hungarians I know better are those part of student association related to international exchanges. They are open and have a good English level so it is easier to have deeper conversations with them. (Ahmed)

What is your opinion about the education?

In the faculty of Economics and Business Administration (GTK) the teachers encourage students to try to bring what they are passionate about regarding to their research, study, or future career. At this faculty you feel the support of the people around you from the very beginning. Not only you have the support of teachers and administration, but at the same time the students have the support of the mentor team. New students are surrounded by very talented, smart and career driven people who are from different cultures and backgrounds. The faculty will provide the opportunities to be part of different research projects as well as programs. Research based study is the core of the GTK’s strategy. The faculty wants you to feel integrated and part of the team. Here in GTK, the focus is on bringing new ideas and fresh perspectives all the time. (Asif)

What is your favorite memory related to the University or Szeged?

My favorite memory related to the University of Szeged was not such a long time ago. As a mentor for the international students association, I am had the opportunity, with the other members, to organize a journey to welcome the new students. We organized a tour in the city through games and had the opportunity to exchange words with the new students. What I liked is that all the faculty was reunited: administration coordinators, teachers, students and new students, for the same goal: to be part of the Szeged student community and to have fun. I liked this moment of fun and happiness that we shared all together. (Ahmed)

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