Orientation Day

Orientation program for first year students at the GTK

On 2nd September 2021, the orientation day was organized for students who enrolled as first year students in the Business Administration and Management BSc, Tourism and Catering BSc, International Economy and Business MSc or PhD training programs.

As a tradition, the academic coordinators welcomed Hungarian and international students from more than 50 countries in the main building of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Before freshmen students started to arrive, the mentor team of the Faculty met in the Aula led by Anita Kéri, Head of Mentor Team, a quick information sharing and brainstorming took place among the team where the mentors could share the challenges their mentees faced.

Dr Péter Kovács, the dean of the faculty welcomed everybody and the Orientation program started. The Dean expressed the warm welcome of the Faculty to newly admitted students. Among other important information, the Dean also mentioned that the University of Szeged could successfully react on the Coronavirus situation. He mentioned that the education would start in-person but also noted that the Faculty was ready to switch to online education anytime.

Dr. Zsófia Kürtösi started the information session by introducing the Business Administration and Management Bsc program of the Faculty. Dr. Bertalan Pusztai shortly summarized the most important aspects of the Tourism and Catering bachelor program. Dr. Anita Pelle gave an insight to the International Economy and Business programme, while Dr. Marianna Sávai introduced the PhD training of the Faculty.

After the academic coordinators, Dr. Ildikó Pusztai-Varga, Director of International Affairs welcomed the international students. The professor used creative ideas to explain the abbreviations used in the Faculty and to involve foreign students a little more. Gabriella Maczkó, the study coordinatotr delivered a really important presentation about the systems used in the Faculty.


After every student successfully registered, the Faculty building tour could start. The head mentors guided the students in the main “KO” building, and also visited some of the most frequent educational buildings, including the “GO”, the language learning centre “HO”, and the Rector’s Office. The trip ended in the SZTE Klebelsberg Library and student office. After such a day full of new information, the mentors and fresh students had a refreshment together enjoying the awaited face-to-face meeting.
As the pandemic situation let, during the orientation ceremony wearing a face mask was not compulsory, but physical distance was maintained. The ceremony and University building tour were also streamed online on the faculty YouTube channel and Instagram account so that foreign students who could not be present could also follow the event.

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