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Online International Week at Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the University of Szeged

The International Week event has become a tradition at the SZTE GTK as it was held for the 13th time, in an online format this year. Even in the virtual environment the program did not lack interest, as guest-lecturers came from 10 different countries and 16 different partner institutions.

The annually organized event of the International Week at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration plays an important role regarding the international relations of the SZTE GTK and the international experience of the students. This year unusually it was organized online, however, it did not lower the enthusiasm of the guests who participated from Mexico all the way to Japan.

On the 22nd of March the event started with a workshop, where lecturers of the faculty, Dr Szabolcs Prónay, PhD, and Dr Anita Kéri, PhD, introduced an international Erasmus+ project of the SZTE GTK: ISGEE (Gamifying Entrepreneurship Education). The development team, consisting of researchers from seven countries, created a free online game for higher education with the goal of improving entrepreneurship competence. During the workshop attendants had the chance to try out the latest version of the game.

In the focus of the International Week between 23rd and 25th of March were the 21 mini-courses held by 22 guest-lecturers, where not only the master degree students of the SZTE GTK, but also the students of the partner institutions were able to participate. To absolve the different economic themed mini-courses students needed to attend the lectures and carry out the obligatory tasks set by the guest-lecturers.

The community building programs contribute every year to the awe-inspiring international atmosphere, so it could not be different this year. On Tuesday afternoon the guest-lecturers received an invitation for a traditional Hungarian stew cooking activity, while on Wednesday afternoon they were invited for a virtual sightseeing around the beautiful city of Szeged. The programs resulted in great success.

In the name of the whole Faculty we would like to say thanks to the organizers for the execution of the International Week: Anita Kéri, Melinda Kovács, Szabolcs Prónay and Ildikó Pusztai-Varga.

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