Indonéz diákok kulturális délutánja

Indonesian Youth Pledge Day 2021

Indonesian exchange students of the University of Szeged within the Indonesian International Students Mobility Award (IISMA) programme, organised a gathering on 29th of October 2021 to commemorate the 93rd Youth Pledge Day.

The historic day, which officially falls on 28th October every year, is observed annually by youth. This event was hosted by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. The Indonesia's Youth Pledge Day 2021 at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration has brought the youth spirit and one of the most diverse cultures in the world to the University of Szeged. The event introduced the essence of the Indonesian Youth Pledge Day where the diverse Indonesian culture was shared with students. 78 participants registered for the event including colleagues from the International Mobility Centre of the Rector’s Office, faculty members, students from different faculties and other guests.

The essence of Youth Pledge was the declaration made by the Indonesian youth on 28th of October 1928. Their objectives were to have one motherland, one nation and one language. This day has a special place in the heart of Indonesia and its history since this led to the independence of Indonesia. Besides introducing the spirit of Indonesian youth and their struggles, it has another important aim to introduce the Indonesian diverse culture, history, languages, traditions, customs, natural features, traditional houses, and delicious foods.

The event was inaugurated by the IISMA scholarship students Tjia Alphani Anvgrah Putri, a student of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the University of Szeged, who briefly introduced the event with a groupmate, and then handed over the floor to Dr. Edit Bundzsákné Tanács, Head of the International Mobility Office and CEEPUS Institutional Programme Coordinator. On this special occasion, she talked about further cooperation and the prolongation of the IISMA scholarship programme. This was followed by listening to the national anthem of Indonesia while watching a short video about the beauties of the country and the everyday life of people.

youth peldge day

During the event, the participants had the chance to take photos dressed in traditional Indonesian clothes as well as tasting the traditional Indonesian foods. With serving the delicious food, IISMA scholarship students have shown the immense hospitality, openness, and kindness towards participants and likewise throughout the event. To make the event more memorable, the participants were requested to sign a poster and write some memorable messages or give the participants’ nationality.Indonéz hallgatókyouth peldge day

Locally known Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) is the official language of Indonesia. In the event, participants could try to guess the meaning of Indonesian words. They could win traditional Indonesian bamboo musical instruments and shadow puppets as prizes. In Indonesian history, shadow puppets have an important meaning, they tell stories about Buddha and Hindu and their kingdom. Moreover, parents used shadow puppets in everyday life to teach children how to behave well.

The IISMA scholarship students had arranged the display of the Indonesian currency known as “Indonesian Rupiah” both in Bank notes and coin form. The banknotes were denominated in different values range from 1,000Rp to 20,000Rp depicting national heroes on the banknotes. The students briefed the participants with the economic history of Indonesia as well as about the stories of the heroes depicted on banknotes. The participants came to know that there are five Indonesian women heroes depicted on banknotes and learnt about the economic history of Indonesia.

A home to islands also known as Indonesian Archipelago was shown in a movie. There are approximately more than 17,000 islands in Indonesia. Most of them are still unoccupied. The movie had shown the eternal beauty of some islands. There are different types of homes in different regions, traditions and islands as it was shown by unique photos of homes displayed on a curtain.

We asked two students from the organizing team, Alphani and Rinaldy about the importance and meaning of this event.

What is the Indonesian Youth Pledge Day and why is it important for students?
In 1928, the youth of Indonesia came together in Jakarta to unite. Indonesia is a big country with many ethnicities and languages but the youth had the idea to unite and fight together for independence. The pledge is one homeland, one nation, one language. Before 1928, almost 75% of the country could not communicate with each other. Besides the official Indonesian language, everyone in Indonesia has a mother tongue that represents their identity. (Alphani)

How do you celebrate Youth Pledge Day in Indonesia?
We have a ceremony about sharing the spirit of unity, hope and dreams. (Rinaldy)

What was your aim today in GTK Aula?
To introduce Indonesian culture and the spirit of youth for students from all around the world. (Rinaldy)
There is a saying in Indonesia: you cannot love something or someone until you don’t know it [tak kenal maka tak sayang]. (Alphani)

What is the object shown today that represents Indonesian culture the best?
Batik is a uniform we wear for celebrations. Batik is the traditional fabric of Indonesia. The country has more than 700 ethnicities, each having its own special colours and special motives. Every motive has a story behind it. (Alphani)

How do you feel yourselves in Szeged?
We enjoy learning, making new friends, getting to know other international students. I am a culture enthusiast, the reason why I am here is to learn about the culture, history and language. (Alphani)

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