Foreign student opinion

Foreign student opinion about the Tourism and Catering Bachelor program

The Tourism and Catering BSc programme is a new addition to our English language programmes offered for international students, starting in September 2020.

We are very excited to welcome new students who would like to be professionals working in the tourist industry. Let’s meet one of our first year students, Fateme Mojganian from Iran. She tells about the programme and Hungary from a student’s perspective.

Fateme, why did you choose to come to study in Szeged?

I have heard a lot about SZTE from my friends who are studying here. First I was not sure about it because I thought that when people go to study to abroad they go to study something serious, like medicine. But I always wanted to go abroad, so I decided to search for a programme of my interest. Now, I love my programme a lot. Tourism is about my interest, it is about travelling, hotels, people’s vacation and when you study about these subjects it gives you positive energy. Szeged is a very peaceful city to live. It is a good city for students who would like to concentrate on studying.

Do you find the classes useful?
I arrived in the middle of the pandemic. It was the only difficult part to have only a few weeks of face-to-face teaching. But the teachers made online classes interesting with games and creative tasks. We had the chance to design our own brand with a website and commercials. It was something I always wanted to try. I had many favourite classes, like Event Organization, Environmental Policy, Marketing and Touristic Products. During these classes everyone talked about their own countries and cultures, so we learnt a lot from each other. Studying Mathematics is also part of this programme and some of the courses were difficult, like Macroeconomics and Microeconomics but there are study mentors from upper year students whom you can ask to help preparing for the exam.

What are your experiences with the application process and the entrance exam?
I thought it will be difficult to get admitted to this university, so I was not sure to apply. But at the oral interview the teachers were so kind to me that my stress disappeared instantly. I have studied one year at a university in Iran but I did not like my programme there, so I decided to study somewhere else. Your university should be your happy place where you can get positive vibes besides studying. I found it in Szeged.

What are your experiences with Hungarian people and Hungarian language?
It is difficult when you arrive alone to a new country but we become friends with a Hungarian girl from class quickly. She helped me a lot, she showed me how the electronic study system of the university works, she showed me around in the city and we talked a lot. We also have an online social media group for fellow students where we can communicate with each other. I found that Hungarian people are very kind to foreigners; even if they don’t understand what I am asking for in the shops they used google translator to be able to help me. Our neighbours are also very kind to us. They have invited us to dinner several times and cooked Hungarian dishes for us. I like Hungarian food, it is close to Iranian taste.

What are your future plans with this degree?
You can do lots of things and develop your career in this field. I would love to do hotel management one day. Maybe I will stay in Hungary because there are many tourists here also.

And I love one thing about Hungary very much. It is lángos, a special Hungarian food. I eat it every week.

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