10 teachers won the Best Digital Lecturer Award – the Arany DIO prize

The pandemic situation in 2020 resulted not only in the compulsory lockdown of universities but it also accelerated the development of the digital education ecosystem of higher education.

By the 2020/2021 academic year, online teaching has become a new routine but it has also brought new ideas and new developments. Besides the everyday difficulties of digital teaching, many colleagues started to develop creative, progressive and student-centred development.

Students of our Hungarian and English language programmes could submit their nominations for the Best Digital Lecturer Award with a short justification between 21 May and 6 June 2021 in an anonymous way. In total, 65 recommendations were submitted and 21 teachers were nominated.

In the 2020/2021 academic year, the Distance Education Development Committee awarded the Arany DIO prize in the following categories:




Dr. Szabolcs Prónay


Dr. Beáta Udvari


Dr. Benedek Nagy


Dr. Gábor Dávid Kiss

Group prize

Tamás Farkas, Melitta Kálmán, Ágnes Mátó

The best online atmosphere/attraction prize

Dr. Ildikó Pusztai-Varga

The best non-GTK teacher

Zsuzsanna Hohl

The best non-GTK teacher

Ádám Kunos

We congratulate to all of them on their hard work and winning the prize!

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