The University of Szeged the only Hungarian institution among the best on Times Higher Education Impact Ranking

The Times Higher Education Impact Ranking was first released in 2019 to evaluate university performance focusing on the impact universities make on some of the major global issues such as economic and social growth and responsible management of the institution. Assessment is based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nation.

The University of Szeged is the only Hungarian institution ranked among the top universities in the overall ranking of the latest Times Higher Education list, covering all 17 SDGs. In the 2020 comprehensive list, our university was ranked in the 101-200th place. 767 universities were included in the list, SZTE is among the best 13%. The University of Szeged earned excellent results in the SDGs of reducing poverty, eliminating hunger, reducing inequality and protection of aquatic ecosystems.

The community of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration has contributed to this result with a remarkable effort. The active participation of Majó-Petri Zoltán and Gyarmati László in the Green University project, and the hard work and commitment of Bajmócy Zoltán, Málovics György, Méreiné Berki Boglárka, Juhász Judit, Gébert Judit and Mihók Barbara to fight poverty, segregation and hunger were both of key importance. However, all the other Faculty members who achieved an outstanding performance in quality education, responsible innovation and in other fields assessed by the Times Higher Education ranking promoted the university’s success. The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is dedicated to provide a supportive environment to accomplish such endeavours.

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Each year, Times Higher Education produces its Impact Rankings, based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.