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Testimonials on the PhD program By John Kibara Manyeki

  • What motivated you to start your PhD journey?

    I heard about Stipendium Hungaricum when it was first communicated to us by our Director General, Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Orgnatizion, where I work as a Research Officer. Since my aim has always been to be a proffesional researcher, the Doctorate degree is often required in order to be so. Therefore the motive to acquire PhD Program was to improve in the research field which is part of my professional goals.

  • Why did you choose the PhD program of the University of Szeged, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration?

    First, I checked in the internet and found that the University of Szeged is one of the the well-known and internationally ranked institution in Hungary and worldwide – as by then (that is, in 2016), the university was listed in position 708 worldwide and 4 in hungary. Again, the PhD programme description for the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration caltivated me most. I realised that the program would offers to me the possibility of receiving a complete training in economics more specifically theoretical and practical operation of the economy necessitated spplication of increasingly complex approaches while exploring the most important socio-economic problems of this century and providing support to meet all challenges requiring solutions that presuppose the adoption of knowledge acquired in other fields of science in the context of diverge gender needs. Moreover, the program stipulated the possibility of allowing the student the opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary environment, of a highly qualified academic level which was in the line with the nature of the research approach in my home organization.

  • What did you enjoy the most about your PhD journey?

    On social groung, many entertainment and sports facilities are provided and well cordinated; it is also easy to make new friends and establish linkage through particpating in the conferences/workshops organized in the Faculty. Students and community of Szeged are caring, always willing to assist, and I enjoyed the peacefully living atmosphere. The town itself is impressive – my favourite place is Dom square which is a magnificent landmark. My other best attraction was Tisza River – the landscape of the bridge across the river and the beachside scenery is beautiful. Although, the weather is totally different from the one at my home country, in Szeged, the cold and icy weather is not severe as it is in other cities. On academic ground, I enjoyed the well-equipped offices, and the modern library of the University.

  • What additional skills have you acquired during your PhD journey?

    During my PhD journey, I was able to acquire skills in statistical and econometric analysis on economic data using the latest data analysis softwares. Additionary, I aqquire professional skills on advance scintific writing, and skills to communicate complex and sensitive information in an understandable form to colleagues and clients

  • What would you suggest to those people, who are thinking about doing their PhD here at the University of Szeged, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration?

    I would advise the prospect students to join the university of Szeged and Faculty of Economics and Business Administration because the faculty is well equipped with academic environment and practical-oriented. The teachers and staffs are accommodating, and always are mentors to help in navegating the University and the pleasant city.

  • What advice would you give to the new generation of PhD students?

    Always to work hard and bear in mind that the PhD program period is not that very much but is enough to serious and focused students. Again, one should focus on publications as this proved to be the major factor towards attaining the PhD degree in time.

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