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Morgan Stanley has joined the TDK Faculty Round as a sponsor

Morgan Stanley, a financial multinational company, has offered a purchase voucher to the top-performing students in the TDK Faculty Round.

Why is it important for Morgan Stanley to support the TDK program?
One of Morgan Stanley’s five core values is leading with exceptional ideas. We are proud to support future generations of industry thought-leaders and the TDK is a great platform for talented individuals to showcase their skills and enthusiasm. Morgan Stanley invites around 200 students every year on to its internship program, many of whom stay with the firm once they graduate. Our goal is to find talented people and support them to have fulfilling careers.

Does Morgan Stanley have any programs aimed at students?
We run a number of programs helping students to experience the different career opportunities Morgan Stanley has to offer.
For example our Open Days, where students are divided into smaller groups and introduced to the firm and its different departments. As in previous years, we hope to be able to organize an in-person 2021 Open Day at our Budapest office, in line with national guidelines around the pandemic.
Another example is our off-cycle internship program, which offers students an opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge over an extended period (6 months+) working at Morgan Stanley. At the end of the internship, our aim is to convert positions into full-time roles, and we also issue a certificate acknowledging the internship.
Morgan Stanley strongly recommends that students participate in our virtual mock interview sessions, where they can develop their performance in a simulated job interview situation, receiving detailed feedback afterwards.

What is required to get hired by Morgan Stanley?
We are looking for people with potential, a motivation to succeed with logical and analytical thinking, the ability to learn quickly, and a willingness to grow. These attributes are often more important than experience. With Morgan Stanley, graduate employees gain practical experience, which is built upon the academic knowledge learned at university. Most of our colleagues in Budapest graduated in STEM fields, such as technology, IT or mathematics, and a third of them have degrees in economics. Our Budapest office employs IT experts, engineers, economists, lawyers, but also physicists, chemists and even meteorologists. Being able to speak English is important, and we offer courses for those who want to improve their language skills.

What is Morgan Stanley`s message to SZTE students?
We encourage students to use the platforms available to them whether it’s taking part in a mock interview session or applying for the TDK competition. Morgan Stanley continues to welcome young and talented individuals with interesting and exciting career options. As an organization, Morgan Stanley is committed to ensuring our employees enjoy a positive work/life balance whether that’s through facilitating a home-office arrangement or flexible working hours. When joining Morgan Stanley, you become a part of an open and active international community.

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