2023. September 27., Wednesday

Measures of pandemic situation

Measures in connection with the pandemic situation and more information

Please, read carefully the regulations below and keep them in order to protect Yourself, Your family and the students and staff of the Faculty.

1. There will be online education at SZTE and the Faculty from now.
2. With the permission of the Minister, it is possible that a personal examination will be held for certain subjects.
3. If someone is unable to attend an exam in person, they can request an individual exam schedule so that the exam will be held online.
4. Temperature check and hand sanitizer are compulsory when entering university buildings, and a questionnaire must be completed before the exam.
5. Final exams in December will be held online. Use a webcam will be compulsory. We will conduct a survey on the construction to find the most suitable way. If someone is facing technical difficulties, exam in person can requested.
6. Students who are in quarantine or possibly COVID-19 infected must report it in the Modulo system. The data will be kept confidential.
7. In the future, all administrations at the Study Office will be online.
8. Information about the library, book rental, deadlines should be checked on the website and on other online platforms.
9. If you have any questions about courses, you can ask the lecturers for the answer, feel free to ask! Check the Coospace for further information in connection with the exam period and exams.
10. You can feel free to report any feedback, even through SZTE GTK Student Union.

We wish you perseverance and a successful exam period!

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