Last-minute Talent Management: a few days before the quarantine

A few days before the COVID19 crisis pushed all of us into home-isolation, two international bachelor students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration did manage to accomplish a last minute programme further developing their personal talents and skills.

Abdul Nour Sirin Khaleel Fayiz (Jordan)

MCC Neighbourhood Dialogues 2020 2
MCC Neighbourhood Dialogues 2020 1
MCC Neighbourhood Dialogues 2020 4
MCC Neighbourhood Dialogues 2020 1

My journey started last year when I applied to be a member of the International Diplomatic Student Association in Szeged. Towards the end of the last semester, I was nominated to become the new vice president of Professional Affairs for IDSA. Our organization is based in Budapest, and they usually notify us about upcoming conferences and events where we build more on our diplomatic and leadership skills. And that is how I came across the opportunity of participation in Mathias Corvinus Collegium Neighbourhood Dialogues 2020 under the topic of "The Future of Energy Security in the V4 Countries". In the beginning, I wasn't sure if to apply since I am not part of the V4 countries, nor do I know about this particular topic. However, I didn't want to miss out on this opportunity. I applied and prepared before the conference, which took place on the 27th of February 2020 in Budapest. It was a four-day-long conference, where I gained important knowledge about energy security and how to make strategic policies, build bridges of new friendships with students from other countries such as Poland, Romania, Czech, and Hungary of course. We were randomly put into groups to work on a new policy, and I being the odd one out from these countries still managed to contribute and suggest a proposal for energy security for the V4 countries, and was honoured to win the Third Prize. I remember not even going for the social event to be able to finish the presentation, where I was so nervous not to be able to have enough information to answer the judges if they ask detailed questions. I felt extremely proud the next day, when I and my colleague from Poland presented and the comment we got was simply a great energy security policy proposal – indicating that it is not only about energy security but about green sustainability – which is a great passion of mine. I was extremely privileged to take part and meet great minds and share one of my favourite memories as a student in Hungary.

I would always recommend applying for such opportunities, You would definitely have an experience of a lifetime!

Al-Gaberi Ahmed Abdullah Sufian (Jemen)

Shopping bags

On February 28th 2020, I had the opportunity to participate in a Youth Exchange program organized by ReCreativity Social Enterprise in Alsótold, Hungary under the name GREENNATION. The program focused on enhancing our mind sets regarding the sustainable development goals along with raising our awareness about environment protection. The core idea was about being environmental friendly, enhancing creativity and consciousness of our actions to the environment.

In addition to the theoretical knowledge we gained during the program, we were able to discover new recycling methods. As a result, we made our own shopping-bags from T-shirts that we no longer needed, wallets from milk's cartons, notebooks from empty pages of books regarded not needed anymore and paint the story of our lives on a big piece of paper that was initially regarded as waste. Driven by Albert Einstein saying, "creativity is seeing what everyone else has been seeing, and thinking what no one else has thought", we were able to make a musical instrument from bottles waste and disco lights from egg's carton-crates. Needless to say, humans are the cause of all the environmental problems, however, participating in this program opened my eyes widely to these problems and made me realize that each and every individual can contribute and be the solution for these problems. Moreover, I was fortunate to meet and learn from people who devoted their entire life and made sacrifices that many of us cannot bare for the purpose of saving the environment and living a sustainable life. That being said, I made myself a promise to be more environmental friendly. For sure, participating in this program was a turning point in my life.

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