2023. September 27., Wednesday

Freshmen day

Faculty Freshmen Trip to Szeged Botanical garden

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration arranged a trip for freshly admitted students to the Szeged Botanical garden. The aim of the trip was to provide new students with the opportunity to get to know each other better; to familiarize with each other and with faculty administration and mentor team. The objective of the tour was also to share information about Hungarian culture, language, and heritage.

The trip started from the faculty building with a visit to Dom square, Lions’ fountain and Tiszaviragzas statue. In the meantime, students had a time to communicate with each other and knowing the city better. At the Lion’s fountain students were also able to visit the outdoor exhibition images where 20 objects related to the classic architecture of Szeged and the region were placed. The most distinctive part of the trip was also to share information about Szeged city and local culture with new students. During the short break at Elisabeth Park in Újszeged, there was a short quiz competition among the groups of new students about the history and general information of city. The winner group won faculty souvenir as prize. The Elisabeth Park was gorgeous and relatively quiet. It felt like a place where it would be easy to get alone time if one needed it.

Reaching at the botanical garden, the first thing one sees is the vast fields and grand old barns. The Szeged Botanical garden is a 30-minute walk from the city centre. The garden is covered with beautifully kept trees, plants, flowers and lawns. The Botanical garden has potential to be recognized and empowered by biology students in the fields of education, research, and conservation. It is also a centre for study on Agriculture, Systematics and Taxonomy, Horticulture, Ethnobotany, Ecology, Ecosystem biology, Floristics, and Forest Management Systems. It is a pleasure to be able to walk, observe and learn among such mature trees, some of which are centuries old. Thus, the students participating at the trip benefitted not only from knowing and learning about each other but also about nature.

Students spent about 3 hours at the Botanical garden where students with the team of mentors also played various team building activities and fun games like name-game, blanket-game, and minefield. The aim of these activities was to act as a team, trusting your team members, connecting with each other, and making new friends. During the trip, students, mentors, and faculty administrators formed a very friendly and happy bond and ended the trip with the hope that many new events and trips like this will be arranged soon.

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