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Dr. Anita Pelle associate professor of SZTE GTK holds a position of Science Communications Manager in a COST Action

Our colleague, Dr. Anita Pelle, represents Hungary in one of the Actions of the international organization COST (European Cooperation in Science & Technology). From September 2020, she also acts as the Science Communication Manager of the Action focusing on the financial sector.

For the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, the strengthening of academic presence, both nationally and internationally, is of particular importance. Therefore it is a great honour for our Faculty that Dr. Anita Pelle was elected as Science Communications Manager in a COST Action from September 2020. This Action focuses on the digital technologies in the financial sector and is dedicated to improving the transparency of the processes supported by Artificial Intelligence in the world of FinTech (the most recent generation of digital finances).

COST receives funding from the EU’s research and innovation framework programme and has been designed for creating and financing research networks in order to encourage the collaboration of young scientists across Europe (and beyond). This way COST contributes to the development of science and innovation, promotes knowledge-sharing, and unites resources. COST aims at increasing the practical application of academic research results and innovation in all scientific fields.

As Science Communications Manager, Dr. Anita Pelle is responsible for communication in the CA19130 Action running between 2020 and 2024. Her job is to establish contact with participants and support the continuous and effective flow of information. She also disseminates the academic scientific results for those potentially benefitting from them and intending to implement them in practice or in policy-making, both at the EU and national levels. The program is open for experts in all the 32 member states involved in the Action, with the expectation of active participation. Science has become increasingly interconnected therefore COST is committed to supporting collaboration activities such as discussions, conferences and workshops.

We would like to sincerely congratulate Dr. Anita Pelle on her new position and wish her success for her future career!

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