2023. September 27., Wednesday

The presentation competitions at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Students showcased their presentation skills to our judges!

Students of the University of Szeged participated in the Presentation Techniques and the Prezilimpia competitions in order to gain an opportunity to represent the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in the next rounds of these competitions.

27 competitors, including many international students of our faculty, had the determinacy to take part and challenge their skills. Participants pushed their limits in three different contest stages:

  • Presentation Techniques
  • Prezilimpia
  • Presentation Karaoke

All contestants were awarded the “Certification of Participation” for their enthusiastic efforts and wills during their presentations.

The list of the winners in the presentation competitions are as follows:


  1. Nasib Huseynov
  2. Hamid Khalfaguliyev
  3. Karsai Kitti

Presentation techniques:

  1. Serene Abdinnour
  2. Turan Bayramli
  3. Jamil Hajiyev

Presentation Karaoke:

  1. Turan Bayramli
  2. Pusztai Bertalan

Additionally, to our readers’ attention, Nasib Huseynov and Hamid Khalfaguliyev will participate in the national finals of Prezilmpia, meanwhile I, Turan Bayramli will represent the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in the finals of the Presentation Karaoke on the same day, 2 May. Serene Abdinnour will also represent our faculty in the final round of the Presentation Techniques on 3 April 2019.

In conclusion, practicing ingenuity in such an international event was an irreplaceable experience for all attendees. These events keep motivating us, students to try our bests and to obtain expertise in various fields. I am very proud of having the chance to compete as a representative of our faculty in Presentation Karaoke finals.

Turan Bayramli

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