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Prezilimpia in Szeged

The Prezilimpia finals that took place on 3 May at the Agora.

Prezilimpia is a competition where contestants from different universities perform their carefully crafted presentations in front of an audience. The competition consists of two distinct categories: the presentation competition and the presentation karaoke. Contestants had a chance to try themselves out in both categories at the Prezilimpia finals that took place on 3 May at the Agora. The overall theme of the competition this year was telecommunication.

We met the other organizers on Friday morning to get the venue prepared for the contest. We familiarised ourselves with the technical apparatus of the Agora and then started registering visitors, competitors and judges – our job was to ensure the flow of the event without complications. After listening to a brief description of the competition’s schedule, procedure and evaluation criteria the contestants took to the floor in a previously specified order to demonstrate their skills. The presentations introduced a handful of fascinating topics ranging from 5G to Smart City projects. Although we couldn’t understand the Hungarian presentations we were glad to see that i­nternational students also took part in the competition presenting their mini-lectures in English. In the end we were very much impressed by the engaging style of the performances and the contestants’ bravery to speak so confidently in front of such a huge audience and a dedicated judging panel.

After a short break it was time to give the five karaoke competitors a chance to show their improvisational skills. In this category the contestants were shown prepared slides with images they had never seen before, images they had to connect coherently in their improvised performance without knowing what the next image will display.

After the presentation karaoke the judges retreated for a short time to discuss and evaluate the performances. The three best presentations and the best karaoke performance were announced shortly after.

Presentation competition

  • 1st Andrea Aguirre
  • 2nd Eszter Szendrei-Pál
  • 3rd Nasib Huseynov

Presentation karaoke

1st Dayile Somila

Our next task was to interview the international contestants of the competition from Azerbaijan, South Africa and Mexico. It was very interesting to learn about the different preparation methods they preferred: some focused more on the performance while others payed extra attention to their slides.

Altogether it was very exciting to be part of the organisation team and look behind the scenes a little bit. We also learned that an event like this is far from over once the results have been announced – there is so much to do after as well!

We also appreciated the way the competitors performed – most of them were the same age as us with a well-founded confidence in their speaking skills. During the interviews after the event we could only wonder how much work it must take to have this kind of confidence. All in all, you need to have fun at what you do, which is probably the most important lesson we’ll take away from this prestigious competition.

About us

We, Jesper Lennart Zanoth (21) and Nick Rixen (20) are staying in Szeged due to a voluntary internship for three weeks. We support the marketing department of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Szeged.

We come from Kiel, Germany and do our apprenticeship for industrial clerk at the local supply company. In addition we are passionate athletes and play football at the same club.

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