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Presentation Techniques University Competition 2019

The Talent Point of the University of Szeged has announced an academic presentation competition for talented students who feel motivated and able to present a scientific problem to an audience in an easily digestible manner with the use of popular presentation tools.

The aim of the competition: Presenting scientific topics in an easily digestible, enjoyable manner.

The goal of the competition is to develop the students’ talents. Competitors will be evaluated not only on the basis of their scientific work but also on their presentation skills, thus giving them an opportunity to develop their research and lecturing techniques further.

Aspects of evaluation: The visual factors of the presentation are important, just like the technical tools and the overall style. The audience can vote on the presentations too, so engaging them and the judging panel in an enjoyable way is a big advantage. A good lecturing style, confident gestures and body language may also earn further points for the presenters. Presentations shall not exceed the 7 minute mark – if the presenter crosses this limit, the lecture may not be continued.

The winners of the competition’s final round will receive valuable prizes.

Each Faculty may delegate one student, the winner of the faculty round of the competition to the University final. Further details about the Faculty round at the GTK will be published shortly on the Faculty website. You may also ask the Faculty contact persons too about additional inforamtion.

Application deadline: 12 March 2019
Faculty round: 20 March 2019
University final: 3 April 2019 (Wednesday) 10:00 a.m.
Venue of the final: AGÓRA

Application requirements:

  • Any SZTE student may apply
  • No topical restrictions
  • Presentations no longer than 7 minutes
  • Visual format: ppt or prezi

Application process:

  • Go to the Prezilimpia application website using the following link: https://www.prezilimpia.hu/en/application/
  • Fill in your personal data and set the Faculty to University of Szeged Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
  • Three options will appear on the screen: 1) Prezilimpia Presentation Competition; 2) Prezilimpia presentation karaoke; 3) SZTE Presentation techniques competition
  • You can apply for each competition by ticking the box in front of them. One person may enter any and all three competitions on the platform.

Aspects of evaluation

  1. 10 pointsThe presentation should awaken the interest of the audience.
    The topic selection itself is not evaluated. Sharing a fun story with the audience in order to get a more difficult point across is definitely worth more points but it’s important that the presentation not simply be a self-serving stand-up comedy routine.
  2. 10 points The technical tools used for the presentation should enhance the quality and the message of the lecture (visual solutions, no self-serving and unnecessary figures or spreadsheets. Too much displayed information is counter productive)
  3. 15 points Style of speech, gestures, body language, eye contact with the audience.
    (reading aloud from a paper or from the projected slides is definitely a bad strategy at a presentation competitions.)
  4. 5 points Proper time management, pacing.
    Keeping the maximum 7 minute/presentation limit is very important.
  5. 10 points The overall impression of the presentation.

Preparation workshops in the Agóra

Seres Erika

A Convincing presentation - Erika Seres

Toastmasters Public Speaking Club Szeged. Winner of the Hungarian Toastmasters competition in 2018

6 February 2019, 9:00-12:00 a.m.

Dr. Németh Zoltán

Making a creative presentation - Dr. Zoltán Németh

Dr. Prezi, TED coach, trainer, lecturing and presentation skills professional

2019. february 12. 10:00 a.m. - 14:00 p.m.

Máté Roland

Roland Máté

Riporter and blogger

13 March 2019, 11:00-12:00 a.m.

Further information on facebook.com/sztehetsegpont oldalon.

Kari kapcsolattartó

Dr. Beáta Kincsesné Dr. Vajda
assistant professor

Institute of Business Studies
Division of Economic Psychology

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