2023. September 27., Wednesday

More than a hundred economics students receive scholarships at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

The Scholarship Award Ceremony has become something of a tradition at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration – it was organized for the 15th time at the beginning of the 2019/2020 academic year.

This Fall a total of 102 talented students were waiting patiently in their seats to receive their well-earned scholarships with four international pupils among them, all students of the Business Administration and Management BSc programme in English.

The Scholarship Award Ceremony on 13 September was attended by 70 talented students. Faithfully keeping in line with the traditions of this illustrious ceremony organized at the beginning of each semester, the representatives of the faculty’s corporate partners presented personalized scholarship certificates to outstanding students of economics with separate faculty scholarships being handed out by the faculty’s dean, Dr. Péter Kovács. Since 2012 more than 30 partners have joined the initiative of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration – with their support more than 1,500 scholarships have been issued so far, meaning a partial or full exemption from tuition fee-paying obligations. This year, certain corporate scholarships were also open to students from government-sponsored training programmes.

The scholarship system of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is designed to reward gifted students on the basis of academic achievements, social background, language skills and competitive performance. The greatness of the scholarship program is well-illustrated by the fact that former scholarship holders are now supporting a new generation of students.

The ceremony was attended by:

  • Dr. Péter Kovács, Dean of the University of Szeged,
  • Dr. Attila Badó, President of the Tehetségpont at the University of Szeged
  • Dr. Klára Schneider, founder member of the Ökonómia Nonprofit Foundation,
  • Judit Győri and Szofi Bartha, representatives of Epam Systems,
  • Levente Hefkó and Attila Tót, Managing Director and Representative of IKRON Development and Service Ltd.
  • Laura Farkas, Marketing Officer at PlasmaPont,
  • Krisztián Holecska, Head of Marketing at Proko Travel,
  • Vikor Knezevics, Country Director of British Petrol and Head of the Szeged Center and Éva Kósa, BP Business HR Partner,
  • Gabriella Tabajdi, representative of the University of Szeged Alma Mater.

Turan Bayramli

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