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Graduation ceremonies at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

More than two hundred new economists received their degrees

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration held its graduation ceremonies in two sessions (at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.) on 5 July 2019 in the TIK Study and Information Centre. The morning session was dedicated to the graduates of the Hungarian bachelor and professional higher educational training programmes while the bilingual afternoon session catered for the graduates of the Faculty’s English programmes, Hungarian master programmes and other professional training programmes. Altogether more than two hundred fresh degrees were handed out by the end of the celebratory sessions.

The Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Péter Kovács took the opportunity to remind both the graduates and the audience that it has been almost 20 years to the day since the original founding of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. In those 20 years the Faculty has become an essential training ground outside Budapest for future economists where talented students are never left without support. In contrast to the 66 students who enrolled in 1999 for the very fist semester of the Faculty, in 2018 there were more than 700 new students who chose to begin their studies here. By July 2019 the Faculty has issued more than 8 000 degrees altogether. The Dean acknowledged the efforts made by the graduates and their families along with their professors and also thanked the work of the scholarship founder partner organisations who made it easier for diligent students to achieve their goals. „In our complex world today economists can have a real effect on the lives and decisions of other people and organisations alike. Economist owe a responsibility to others, therefore I ask all of you to stay honorable and reliable. Enjoy what you are doing, have success and be happy!” – advised Dr. Péter Kovács. The leader of the Faculty chose a Jedi quote to ultimately share with the graduates: „Life is just life. it is up to us whether it is honest or not.”

We would like to congratulate all Szegedian economist graduates!

The professional photos taken at the ceremony will be available shortly on the SZTE Alma Mater website (www.sztealmamater.hu).

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