The first International Marketing Students’ Club meeting

The International Marketing Students’ Club held its first meeting on the 12th of October – the club members initiated their weekly meetings for the discussions of marketing topics!

IMSC is the first international Marketing club of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Szeged. The innovative and earnest students of the Faculty formed their own club due to being able to share and observe their views on the various challenging marketing case studies, the real-life examples, among the diverse 42 representatives of the club from 16 countries around the world at the moment.

The founding event of IMSC took place in Aula, KO Building. The main aim of the gathering was to play an ice-breaking role among its freshly joined participants. The founder students of the club gave a brief speech about the values IMSC is going to add to its investigative members, as well as requirements they will ask in return. Speakers of the event continued by asking participants to introduce themselves and keep in touch with their fellow member friends for exchanging ideas on different topics.

IMSC and its members are fond of challenging themselves to tackle controversial business plan errors, modern-day industrial economic prudential issues with implying marketing tools. The club members including BSc, MSc, and Erasmus+ students are keen on maintaining their routine of weekly discussion meetings in order to pursue integrating activities besides their academic study. IMSC is planning to attend some international conferences and competitions in the near future with its associates.

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is pleased to motivate its ingenious students who look forward to realizing their original concepts as International Marketing Students’ Club founders and joiners.

Turan Bayramli

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